Britain’s Got Talent finalists visit residents

Pippa and her Shitzu-cross pup Buddy were the unforgettable duo who reached the finals of Britain’s Got Talent back in 2011. The choral soloist accompanied on the vocals by puppy pal Buddy delighted the judges and crowds and warmed the hearts of the Nation.

With their new-found fame Pippa and Buddy came to visit residents at Huntington House and Langham Court last Friday showcasing a performance of beautiful songs before greeting the residents for plenty of cuddles.

It was a wonderful afternoon which residents enjoyed thoroughly. Music plays a huge role in life at Huntington House and Langham Court, as do animals with a menagerie of resident wildlife. Being able to combine the two in this activity was a real treat. Both music and animals provide a great therapy for residents with often complex health problems. To see so much enjoyment really helps prove to us that we are making a difference in their lives every day.